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Led Digital Score Board (Papan Skor Digital)
Led Digital Score Board (Papan Skor Digital)
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Specification of Led Digital Score Board (Papan Skor Digital)

Unit Score Board Size 50x70cm Futsal / Basketball:

- Score Board size is ± 70cm x 50cm
- Almunium casing is black with a thickness of 8cm
- The type of lamp used for the illuminated score is the Red Superbright LED
- 1 Score Board Unit contains:
 4 Digit scores are 5 inch (per digit), each team consists of 2 digits
 4 Time digits measuring 4 inch (per digit) consisting of 2 digit minutes and 2 digit seconds
- PCB Driver and Module Control using Double Layer PCB with Fiber (FR4) type
- There is a Buzzer alarm sound when the match time is over
- Scoreboard operating system uses Remote Control Cable (± 15 meters) / RF (Radio Frequency) with a distance of ± 50 meters without having to direct the remote to the scoreboard
- Electricity consumption on the digital scoreboard is 220volt AC. The maximum power usage is 70 watts, the average power consumption is 50 watts
- Electricity consumption on the RF Remote Control uses a 9 volt / 12volt DC adapter battery.

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